Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I Will Not Be Negligent

Temple Baptist Church - 2-7-2018
2 Peter 1:12-15


A.  One of the best ways to teach is through repetition and re-enforcement. 

1.  If you want to memorize a verse of Scripture, write it 25 times and you will be able to see it in your mind from that point on. 

2.  Teaching is putting forth building blocks but, as we build, we must rehearse the ones that we have already learned.  If you don’t use it you lose it.

B.  One of the great problems of the end-time church is the negligence of the pulpits.  There is certainly a famine of hearing in the land, both of pulpits that will not preach and pews that will not listen.

1.  Lately, many of us have become knowledgeable of the term “gross negligence.”  It is the standard for criminal prosecution in the mis-handling of classified information.

2.  Negligence – impersonal or careless (Cares nothing about the people of the church - could care less)

C.  One of these days, I will be gone.  My earthly ministry will be over.  If I can leave you spiritually grown up, doctrinally sound, and faithful to the work—I will have been a success.

D.  When God places men in the pulpit, there comes a responsibility to that pulpit.

1.  Not to be negligent in setting a proper example before the people.  “not be negligent”

            2.  Not to be negligent in faithfully proclaiming the Word of God. “to put you always”

3.  Not to be negligent in preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God - “in remembrance of these things”  (The wordmeet in verse 13 means to be approved unto God.)

E.  There are many things that could be mentioned that need to be remembered:

1.  You are temporal in this life and will not be here long.

2.  Everything you have on earth will one day burn up.

3.  A life lived for Christ is the greatest life of all.

4.  Only these things done for the Lord are of lasting value.

5.  Without Christ you can do nothing.

6.  With Christ you can do all things.

7.  One day it will be worth it all.

            8.  The listing could be endless, but Paul just mentioned these in the context.

1.  Not be negligent to remind you of the grace and graciousness of God – vs. 1-4

            a.  The Grace Of God In Our Salvation – vs. 1

                        1) Salvation – A Present Possession – “obtained”

                        2) Salvation – A Precious Possession – “precious faith”

3) Salvation – A Perfect Possession – “righteousness of God and our     Saviour Jesus Christ”

4)  Salvation – A Peaceful Possession – “Grace and peace be multiplied”

            b.  The Graciousness Of God In Our Sanctification – vs. 2-4

                        1) Sanctification Is A Willful Gift – vs. 3-4

                                    a) Powerfully Given – “According as his divine power”

                                    b) Purposefully Given – given unto us”

                                    c) Perfectly Given – “all things that pertain”

                        2) Sanctification Is A Wonderful Gift – vs. 3-4

a) Partakers Of The Divine Nature – “that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature”

b.  Escapers Of The Corruption Of The World – “corruption that is in the world through lust”

2.  Not be negligent to remind you of the responsibility and benefits of Spiritual Growth – vs. 5-11

            a.  The Responsibility Of Spiritual Growth – vs. 5-7

                        1) There Is A Determination – “giving all diligence”

                        2) There Is A Direction – “add to your faith virtue . . . charity”

                        3) There Is A Desire – “that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful”

            b.  The Results Of Spiritual Growth – vs. 8-11

                        1) Assurance Of Production – vs. 8 “neither . . . nor”

                        2) Assurance Of Peace – vs. 9-10 “your calling and election sure”

                        3) Assurance Of Payment – vs. 11 “entrance . . . abundantly”

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