Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The Lord’s Supper

Temple Baptist Church - 11-2-2005

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Introduction: What a blessing it is to partake of the Lord’s Supper or Communion, as many call it. I want to look at its proceeding and purpose tonight. The Lord’s Supper has been not only a blessing, but also a cursing to many who have either misused it or taken it lightly in a sinful condition. It is a serious matter to partake and our people need to be informed as to the why, how, and manner of it. The Corinthian church had perverted it, either out of willfulness or ignorance and, for this cause, many were sickly among them and many died.

1. The Problems Associated With The Lord’s Supper – vs. 17-22

a. The Problems In The Corinthian Church

1) Their motives were wrong – their desire – vs. 17

2) Their minds were wrong – their division – vs. 18

3) Their manners was wrong – their disorder – vs. 19

b. The Problems In The Continued Church

1) That the Lord’s Supper is a sacrament or imparts grace to the believer. (The Catholic Church calls it “Holy Communion,” a term that has been adopted by both Protestant and liberal Baptist churches.)

2) That the Lord’s Supper contains the literal body and blood of Christ. (Transubstantiation and Co-substantiation. These two heresies make the mass a re-crucifixion and essential to salvation.)

3) The actual use of wine instead of the fruit of the vine (Matthew 26:29). (Wine, as a strong drink, is a product of fermentation and, therefore, leaven. Wine is also a mocker and is to be totally abstained from by the believer.)

4) The use of leavened bread (1 Corinthians 5:7). (Once again, leaven is a type of sin and brings the sinfulness of man into the Lord’s Supper which defiles the type.)

4) Open Communion – where everyone, saved or lost, fundamental or heretical participates. (This is the stand of the Charismatic churches. It does not matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome to partake.)

5) Closed Communion – where other Bible believing Christians are excluded from the fellowship. (Only those who are a member of the church having communion are welcome to participate. All others, including those who are saved and fundamental, but are members of other good local churches are rejected and cannot participate.)

6) We practice Close Communion – those of like precious faith are welcome to participate. Close Communion is a closed communion. It is not for the apostate, sinful, or chastened. It is for those of like precious faith that are faithfully serving the Lord.

2. The Proceeding Associated With The Lord’s Supper – vs. 23-25

a. The Thanksgiving – vs. 24 (Thank God for Calvary! It is sad to see the number of so-called Christians who never show up for the Lord’s Supper. We have some who never attend Sunday night services. We normally have the Lord’s Supper on Sunday night because there are less visitors.)

b. The Taking – vs. 24-25 (The taking of both bread and juice. It was not just the death of Christ that saved, but the precious blood applied!)

3. The Purpose Associated With The Lord’s Supper – vs. 23-26

a. The Receiving – vs. 23 (From generation to generation.)

b. The Remembering – vs. 24-25 – (In remembrance of me. What Christ did for us!)

c. The Revealing – vs. 26 – “shew the Lord’s death till he come”

4. The Problems Associated With The Lord’s Supper – vs. 27-32

a. The Problem Of Improper Actions – vs. 27-29 - unconfessed sinfulness

b. The Problem Of An Improper Attitudes – vs. 29 – “not discerning” (A mere rite or ceremony. The Lord’s Supper is a serious matter and needs to be taken as such.)

5. The People Associated With The Lord’s Supper – vs. 33 - The Saved – “brethren”