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Temple Baptist Church - 7-21-2010

Ephesians 2:1


A. Ephesians chapter one speaks of the believers corporately. It ends up with a discussion of the faith of the saints but Paul is still speaking corporately as every believer has the same faith. Many get confused with election and predestination because of their lack of rightly dividing the word of truth. Never do you find an individual elect to salvation. The pronouns are plural which speaks of the body of Christ corporately.

B. Ephesians chapter 2 speaks in the same manner. Corporately, every believer will have in common what these next few verses speak of. We are saved from the same thing to the same thing the same way! If you got into the body of Christ differently than I then there are more than just one way of salvation!

C. I said that in order to make a right biblical interpretation. We must learn to give a proper interpretation before attempting to make a practical application. The interpretation is in the “plural.” I am so glad that we all got saved from the same thing to the same thing by the same Person, Jesus Christ.

D. Now, by application, I want to bring that word “you” down to each of you personally. When soul winning (or soul warning), people need to realize the importance of “you.” When we quote John 3:16, many of the lost that we witness to can quote all or most of it with us. It is a verse of Scripture that is probably the most notable of all or at least the most quoted.

1. God does love the world but the world is again corporate. It signifies every person who has ever lived, is living, or will live in the future. I am glad that I know that God died for all instead of dying for the select elect. When we quote this verse, everyone will immediately agree with us that God does love the world and gave His only begotten Son to die for THEM!

2. Jesus Christ died for individuals! The “you” in verse 1 is made up on individual “you’s.” Please do not spell check the word “you’s” because you will not find it in your dictionary. It is my word! I tell people that “if you had been the only man (or woman) who ever lived that God would have still send His only begotten Son to die for you! That is how important that you are!

E. Now, having said that, let me say that you are that “you!” If you had been the only person to have ever lived on this earth, God would give you the individual attention of every great and precious promise found in the Bible! “’YOU’ hath he quickened!” Glory, Halleluiah!

F. I want to look at “you” tonight. When we get through, I want you to know just how special and blessed that you are!

1. You are so Special! You are one of a kind. They say that there are no two snowflakes alike. I’m not completely convinced but will say that, in all probability, that is a correct statement. I have never known anyone to see every snowflake, count every snowflake, or to microscopically inspect every snowflake! I do know that God made every person different. From the numbering of their hairs to the continuing of their structure, they are different. They are no genetically the same. Every individual’s DNA is different. Again, I am taking the people who supposedly know at their word. God made you just exactly like He wanted you! Do not try to change what you are and do not be ashamed of what you are. Be happy!

2. You are so Loved! While you were still dead in trespasses and sins, Jesus Christ not only died for you, He also had compassion upon you! He came to you when you could not and would not come to Him. He pursued you while you were still running from Him. If you had been the only man or woman in the world, He would have come to you. You are loved and you are special!

3. You are so Saved! The Lord did not partially or conditionally save you. From the guttermost to the uttermost. You are both saved and secure for time and eternity. Nothing in this world can separate you from the love of Christ and no power in this world can take you out of His wonderful, powerful, loving hand.

4. You are so Cared For! The Lord gives you His provision. Exactly what and when you need something, it is there. The Lord gives us His protection. Nothing can touch you without the Lord’s permission and nothing can go beyond the limitations that He sets. The Lord gives you His divine providence. He has mapped out your life from the moment that you are born until the day that He takes you home.

5. You are so Thought Upon! The Lord does not just think about occasionally but He thinks upon you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 ¼ days a year! His thoughts toward you are more than can be numbered. He “thinketh” upon you. That word is in a continuing sense. You are never out of His thoughts.

6. You are so Accompanied! He compasses you! He is before you; He is behind you; He is beside of you on the right hand and on the left. He will never leave you nor with He ever forsake you. You can count on Him to be there with and for you in every situation

7. You are so BLESSED!!!!! All of this and heaven too!

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