Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But God

Temple Baptist Church - 7-28-2010

Ephesians 2:1-7


A. In these verses, we find just how great a salvation that we have. It shows us what we were, where we came from, and where we were headed when we were without Christ. Lost people never get it! They are so blinded by Satan that they think that they are alright and acceptable where they are.

B. Two of the greatest words in the Bible are found in verse 4 as the Scripture says, “But God!” Here lately, I have tried to show us just how blessed that we are to be saved. When was the last time that we have seen someone just stand up and say, “I thank God that I am saved!”

C. Everyone here can say that and we are grateful for it but there are times when we get “too earthly minded to be of any heavenly good” and forget to thank the Lord for what He has done for us.

D. I just want to take a short look at these verses to refresh our memories of where we were, what we were, what God did for us, and where we are going. Our Past – Helpless, Hopeless, Hell Bound; Our Present – Helped, Hopeful, Heaven Bound; Our Prospect – Eternal, Exceeding, Exciting!

1. Our Past

a. We Were Dead – “were dead” vs. 1

b. We Were Depraved – “trespasses and sins” vs. 1

c. We Were Deceived – “course of this world…the prince” vs. 2

d. We Were Disobedient – “children of disobedience” vs. 2

e. We Were Driven – “fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind” vs. 3

f. We Were Damned – “the children of wrath” vs. 3

2. Our Present

a. The Mercy Of God – “rich in mercy” vs. 4

b. The Love Of God – “his great love” vs. 4

c. The Grace Of God – “exceeding riches...grace” vs. 7

(Oh how simple, wonderful and yet incomprehensible is the deliverance of God on our behalf.)

3. Our Prospect

a. Our Prospect Is Exalted – “heavenly places in Christ Jesus” vs. 6

b. Our Prospect Is Exciting – “that in the ages to come” vs. 7

c. Our Prospect Is Eternal – “ages to come” vs. 7

d. Our Prospect Is Exceeding – “exceeding riches of his grace”

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