Monday, February 11, 2008

And You Do Not Have Anything to Praise Him For?

Temple Baptist Church - 2-10-2008

Psalm 145


A. Praise, a missing element of our worship services. We get a few Amen’s from our people but very little praise. Praise is not to stand up and shout, though that may be a part of praise. Praise is not to run laps around the building, though that may even be a part of praise.

B. Praise may be accomplished by simply singing unto the Lord. Not mouthing the words of a Hymn Book, but actually taking those wonderful verses of song and singing them to the One that you love. I say a man take a love song and sing it to his bride during the course of the wedding. Though he did not write the words, he certainly meant them for the one he loved.

C. Praise may be accomplished by standing and giving testimony before the congregation. Many people do not know how to give a testimony. Testimonies are not occasions to teach the people. They are not rambling thoughts expressed to the congregation. I once knew a man that rambled on and on through word association. As he said one thing, it reminded him of something else. Praise is both specific and concise.

D. Praise may be accomplished by tears or a raised hand to the Lord. Some people are “criers!” Their heart gets squeezed and the juice runs out of the eyes.

E. Regardless of how we praise the Lord, I want to say tonight that He is certainly worthy of all of our praise! In this Psalm, which I dealt with in a general sense a few weeks ago, we find so many things to praise Him for. If you do not have anything to praise the Lord for, just memorize these 21 verses and quote them often to your self.

We have seen several things that precede praise and several things that are necessary for praise.

1. Praise Him For Your Personal Relationship – vs. 1
2. Praise Him For Your Permanent Relationship – vs. 2
3. Praise Him For His Person – vs. 3
4. Praise Him For His Power – vs. 4
5. Praise Him For His Purpose – vs. 5-6
6. Praise Him For His Goodness – vs. 7
7. Praise Him For His Holiness – vs. 7
8. Praise Him For His Mercy – vs. 8-9
9. Praise Him for His Authority – vs. 11-13
10. Praise Him For His Compassion – vs. 14
11. Praise Him For His Provision – vs. 15
12. Praise Him For His Satisfying – vs. 16
13. Praise Him For His Righteous Judgments – vs. 17
14. Praise Him For His Faithfulness – vs. 18
15. Praise Him For His Deliverance – vs. 19
16. Praise Him For His Commitment – vs. 20

Conclusion: Read verse 20. And we do not have anything to praise Him for!”

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