Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Day Of Thanksgiving

Temple Baptist Church - 11-21-2018
1 Chronicles 16:1-2; 7-36


A.  It seems almost impossible that it is Thanksgiving week again!  I love the time from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  It truly is “the most wonderful time of the year!” 

B.  Though we are commanded to live in a state of thanksgiving. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) I believe that a special day of Thanksgiving is in order. 

1.  It will not be long until the heathen of our land tries to take away this day as they do others.  It is no longer “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays.”

a)  They have taken Christ out of Easter.  Now it is all about the Easter Bunny, even in churches.

b)  They have taken Christ out of Thanksgiving.  Now, it is all about Turkey Day and family gatherings.

c)  They have taken Christ out of Christmas.  Now, it is all about Santa Clause and gifts.

d)  It is interesting that they have not taken witchcraft and devils out of Halloween.

2.  I rejoice in the fact that we still have a national day of Thanksgiving and want to make the most of it again this year.

C.  Verses 1-2.  In our text, the Ark has come home to its resting place and all Israel began to sacrifice to the Lord.  This was a very special day in Israel’s history.  David, the sweet psalmist of Israel wrote a Psalm of Thanksgiving (vs. 7) and gave it into the hands of Asaph.

D.  David appointed men, in verse 4, to record, thank, and worship the Lord.  I want to look at these three aspects of thanksgiving for a few minutes this morning.

1.  David Appointed Men To Record – Verse 4 - to remember why we give thanks.

a.  He has saved us with an eternal salvation – vs. 14

b.  He has created this wonderful world in which we live – vs. 26

c.  He has given us His Word – vs. 15-16

d.  He has given us a victorious life and meets our needs – vs. 18

e.  He sustains it with His might power – vs. 30

2.  David Appointed Men To Thank – Verse 4 - to acknowledge who we are to give thanks.

a.  He is a wonderful Lord – vs. 14  “our God”  (He loves us despite)

b.  He is a merciful Lord – vs. 34  “He is good”  (He is better than we deserve)

c.  He is a forgiving Lord – vs. 34 “mercy endureth for ever”  (He restores)

3.  David Appointed Men To Worship – Verse 4 - to show the people how to give thanks.

a.  By Thanking Him – vs. 8  “Give thanks unto the Lord”

b.  By Fellowshipping with Him – vs. 8 “call upon his name”

c.  By Testifying to others for Him – vs.9 “talk ye of all his wondrous works

d.  By Worshiping Him – vs. 9  “Sing unto him”  (Not about Him)

e.  By Glorying in Him – vs. 11  “Seek the Lord and his strength”

f.  By Pleasing Him – vs. 11  “seek his face continually”

g.  By Reflecting upon Him – vs. 12  “Remember”

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