Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Attack Upon The Home

Temple Baptist Church - 4-17-2016
Psalm 101:1-8


A.  Last week, we looked at the establishment and importance of the home. 

1.  Marriage and the home were established by God! 

a)  Marriage does not belong to the individual, the government, or the courts. 

b)  Marriage belongs to God! 

2.  The importance of the home:

a)  The Home Is The Strength of The Family

b)  The Home Is The Strength of The Church

c)  The Home Is The Strength of The Nation

B.  It is of little wonder that Satan has pulled out all of the stops in his continual attack upon the home!  He will never give up his efforts to destroy godly homes and replace them with ungodly ones.

C.  In our text for this morning, we find the importance of safe guarding the home from the encroachment of the world.  Society is working overtime to change the thinking of its people.  It is important that we remember that, as God’s children, we are in the world but not OF the world!  Our thinking needs to be conformed to the Word of God.

1.  Satan has attacked the structure of the home: one man, one woman, one lifetime!  I dealt with this last week but want to reinforce what I said.  Transsexuals, transgenders, gays, lesbians, etc. are an abomination to God!  The courts have no right to redefine what God created!  God established the home, not the sexual perverts.

2.  Satan has attacked the order of the home: the man is the head, the woman is the heart, and the children are the future.  One of the breakdowns of society in these last days is that of authority.  Humanism is the “god” of this world.  The chain of command in the home is to be Biblical:  Christ is the head of the man, the man is the head of the wife, and the parents are the heads of the children.  In the world, the children now reign, the woman reigns over the man, and the man does exactly what is expected.

3.  Satan has attacked the purity of the home.  I will deal with this in a few moments but let me say that the purity of the home lies with the responsibility of the man and the wife.  We are to keep those things out that will cause worldliness of thought and life.  Our homes need to be clean places to live.  I will not stay in a motel or hotel room that is not clean.  Barbara takes her Lysol spray can and sprays the bathroom and all that is in it and also the bed, chairs, and sofa.  Let us spiritually “Lysol” our homes.

4.  Satan has attacked the security of the home.  It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the home is secure against all outside threats.  When we think of safeguarding our homes, we think of stopping or discouraging others from breaking into them.  Guarding a home is more than “guns and guts.”  Our homes need to be spiritually safe as well.  Safety is still of the Lord.

5.  Satan has attacked the unity of the home.  The ultimate strength of the home is found in its oneness.  Too many homes are spiritually divided instead of Biblically unified.  We are facing more and more the problem of unequal yokes in marriages.  The Word of God causes division but the division is a personal choice that is made by each of us.  God’s Word needs to be the foundation of the home and the final authority of the home.  Marriages in our day have enough problems without family intervention!  I must reiterate that family interference (I am speaking of in-laws and outlaws that are not in the marital home) CAN BE A DESTRUCTIVE FORCE WITHIN THE MARRIAGE AND MARITAL HOME.)

6.  Satan has attacked the finances of the home.  Too much of the “gotta have it” and not enough of contentedness has brought about too much buying and the debt that goes with it.  We, as God’s children, are to be content with less and stay out of debt!  Everything in our day is geared to get people in debt.  Enough is never enough!  Most couples who argue a lot argue about finances.  Newly married couples are pressured to buy new cars and trucks, new homes, as well as the “toys” that go along with them.  We need to conform out thinking about finances to the Bible. 

7.  Satan has attacked the purity of the home.  We cannot control what goes on in the world.  We can avoid certain things but the world is the world and does not conform to Biblical principles.  But, we can control what goes on within our homes and conform out homes to the Bible.

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