Sunday, September 15, 2013

One Who Did Not

Temple Baptist Church - 9-15-2013
2 Timothy 1:15-18
A. Last week, we looked at the churches of Asia Minor that turned away from the Apostle Paul. No explanation was given by Paul as to why they left but one thing I know, it was not through the fault of this great man of God or the Holy Spirit would have given the reason.
B. I am glad that Paul did not mention their reason or rather lack of reason for leaving because we can apply this “falling away” to our day and realize that it is not only us that they are forsaking but also the Lord and His Word and way. We are trying to maintain integrity while adhering to the Old Paths of doctrinal correctness and holiness.
C. We find the mention of a singular man in these verses who chose to stand with what and who was right. Now doubt it cost him with the world and his peers but it brought the blessing of the Lord.
D. The value of one!
1. Unfortunately, in our day, we think of numbers when measuring greatness or success. Once again, we find the value of one man in the scripture. This man is named but often these like Onesiphorus are seldom recognized because their work is done behind the scenes.
2. Onesiphorus is named only in this book, this chapter and also chapter 4, but is used by the Apostle Paul to encourage a young preacher. Thank God for the church corporately! I thank God for all of you but I also thank God for EACH of you! You are important to this pastor.
E. Bible names meant something and so it the name Onesiphorus: to gratify or derive pleasure from; to have joy. Onesiphorus: a man who caused joy to an aging apostle forsaken by many that he loved and led to the Lord.
1. The Ministry of his Life – vs. 16 “oft refreshed me” Not “refreshed me” but “oft refreshed me.”
a. He was a man who chose to be a blessing instead of a burden. When God’s man tired, Onesiphorus was the “Aaron and Hur” of the OT who held up the hands of Moses. God’s men get tired.
b. Not as much physically tired and certainly not tired of the way but often tired in the way. They try to stay strong and straight; try to wins souls and see the church increase in a right way; minister and love the people of the church; and then see so many leave in a wrong way!
c. What a refreshing it is to see these singular people who just remain faithful to the work and the pastor. I have been “oft refreshed” by you because you make it worth it all.
2. The Measure of his Love – vs. 16 “not ashamed of my chains”
a. Onesiphorus was not ashamed of his God; he was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; he was not ashamed of the Word of God Paul preached; and he was not ashamed of the reproach of Christ or of God’s man who suffered because of it.
b. Thank God for people who do not have to bow their heads in shame for who and what we are and stand for. Not everyone either liked or stood with Paul because he always stayed in trouble for the cause of Christ.
3. The Magnitude of his Loyalty – vs. 17 “he sought me out”
a. Onesiphorus was not there for Paul only when it was convenient or easy but was there when he needed him most. I find in this phrase that an effort to help and comfort the Apostle Paul was made by this man. He went above and beyond the norm.
b. In those days, there was not the communication of cell phones, etc. so Onesiphorus took it upon himself to leave his family for quite a while to look the Apostle Paul up and see if he needed anything. What a blessing this man was! He went the extra mile to support and encourage God’s man. He was selfless and special.
4. The Memory of his Labors – vs. 18 “thou knowest”
a. In the last chapter of 2 Timothy, Paul said, “Salute Prisca and Aquila, and the household of Onesiphorus.” Paul never forgot this precious man who loved him so! He made sure that Timothy never forgot him or his household that gave up so much to be a blessing and help to Paul.
b. Then, we find his mention in the Bible we hold in our hand as God never forgot his sacrifice either. Paul said to grant him mercy and I believe that God did!
Hebrews 6:10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.

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