Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Persecution Of The Cross

Temple Baptist Church - 2-10-2010

Galatians 6:11-13


A. Paul, in these verses, goes back to the reason for writing the Book of Galatians. After Paul left these churches, legalists crept in and began to teach the rite of circumcision or keeping the Law to the people. I dealt with that subject so we will not go back through it again. I will only say that salvation is by grace, through faith, totally apart from works! It is either grace or it is works. It cannot be a mixture of both.

B. Some of the Jewish believers maintained circumcision because of fear of persecution from the non-believing Jews. The Jews said that Christ did away with the Law of Moses and so they persecuted the early church. The persecuted Paul after his conversion.

C. We are not persecuted to the extent of the early church but the preaching of the cross of Christ is still offensive to religionists. To be offended by either the cross or the blood of Christ shows the inward condition of the heart. I will preach on verse 14 shortly but want to say tonight that the cross has a wondrous attraction for the child of God. We glory in the cross while the world is offended in the cross.

D. What made the Judaizers persecute the Galatian believers? The word Judaizer refers to those who claim the necessity of obedience to the Torah Laws by believers. I believe that there are several things that make the cross of Christ offensive to the lost.

1. They Despise The Person Of The Cross – The Jesus of this world is the “another Jesus” of 2 Corinthians 11:1-4! Our Lord is despised by the world, therefore, they have created another Jesus.

a. A Lamb That Is Not Sufficient – Their religion is always Jesus Christ plus something.

b. A Lord That Is Not Sovereign – Their religion allows them to live as they wish instead of as God wills.

2. They Despise The Price Of The Cross – The world does not like the shedding of blood for sin.

a. To The World The Blood Is Loathed – They have removed it from their “bibles” and their song books.

b. To The Saint The Blood Is Loved – They find the cross gory while the saint sees its glory.

3. They Despise The Preaching Of The Cross – The world likes preaching that makes them feel good about themselves.

a. The Preaching Of The Cross Exposes Man’s Sinfulness – The cross declares all mankind guilty and lost before God.

b. The Preaching Of The Cross Exalts God’s Holiness – The cross reveals God’s hatred for sin and the penalty of sin.

4. The Despise The People Of The Cross – To be saved is to go without “the gate bearing his reproach.”

a. The People Of The Cross Are A Peculiar People – They are different from this world. They are in the world but not of the world.

b. The People Of The Cross Are A Praising People – Their worship is alive and filled with thankfulness. Their salvation is totally of God and through God.

Conclusion: The cross is offensive to the world because of its conclusions:

a. It concludes that all are in need of salvation.

b. It concludes that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

c. It concludes that salvation is both a finished and eternal work.

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