Sunday, January 3, 2010

Even So, Come, Lord Jesus!

Temple Baptist Church

Revelation 22:10-21


A. As we come to the end of an old year and have begun a new year. I wanted to use these verses to come to the end of the Inscribed Word of God and the beginning of our life with the Incarnate Son of God. There are several things in this portion of Scripture that are relevant to the times in which we live.

B. What a wonderful prospect we find in these verses along with a formidable warning to both the unsaved and the sleeping saint.

1. To the unsaved I say, “Today is the day of salvation behold now is the accepted time!” If you are unsure of your salvation, you had better get it eternally settled today for you have no promise of tomorrow. Either by death or the sudden coming of our Lord, you will meet a thrice holy God without the extended grace of God and our God is still a consuming fire! Hell is both hot and eternal!

2. To the sleeping saint I say, “It is high time to awake out or your sleep!” The Bible admonishes us to redeem the time. Sinners are perishing and the Judgment Seat of Christ is approaching. What must be done must be done now while there is time.

C. Let us look at these verses that bring to an end the revelation of God to man.

1. The Time Is At Hand – vs. 10

a. There Is A Falling Away

b. There Is A Gathering Of Israel

c. There Are Perilous Times

2. There Are No Second Chances – vs. 11

a. What You Are Is What You Will Be

b. Left Behind Is Just That

c. Lost Is Lost Forever

3. Eternity Will Be Wonderful For The Saint – vs. 12-13

a. The Former Things Are Passed Away

b. The Future Things Are Reserved Forever

c. Eternity Will Be Eternal

4. Eternity Will Be Dreadful For The Sinner – vs. 15

a. Death Is Sure

b. Judgment Is Certain

c. Hell Will Be Hot

5. God’s Invitation Still Stands – vs. 16-17

a. The Spirit Is Calling

b. The Saints Are Witnessing

c. God’s Salvation Is Free To All

6. Judgment Awaits Those Who Defile Or Reject God’s Word – vs. 18-19

a. To Change It Is Fatal

b. To Reject It Is Fatal

c. To Ignore It Is Fatal

7. Jesus Christ Is Coming Just Like He Said – vs. 20

a. His Coming Will Be Quickly

b. His Coming Will Be Surely

c. His Coming Will Be Quietly

8. God’s Grace Will Be Sufficient Until He Does – vs. 21

a. Grace To Suffer

b. Grace To Serve

c. Grace To Survive

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