Sunday, December 6, 2009

Preaching The Word

Temple Baptist Church - 12-6-2009

2 Timothy 3:1-4:4


A. When you have a 2nd or 3rd epistle with the same name such as Corinthians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Peter, and John—the 2nd and 3rd books deal with the apostasy in the end times. Apostasy and the spirit of antichrist were already prevalent in the days of the apostles but, according to the Bible; escalate as we near the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

B. 2 Timothy is one of the Church Epistles that is pastoral in nature. The Church Epistles are doctrinal books that set forth the guidelines for operating the local church. They are written for everyone while the Pastoral Epistles were written directly to pastors with application made to each of us.

C. 2 Timothy was written to young Timothy as he pastored a church. Paul had been instrumental in the conversion of Timothy (1 Timothy 1:2) and mentored him throughout Paul’s ministry. 1 Timothy sets forth a right behavior in regards to the local church (1Timothy 3:15) while 2 Timothy gives warning concerning the advancement of apostasy and wickedness among professing believers: both professing and possessing.

D. Paul admonishes Timothy to remain faithful to the Word of God in chapter 3 for two reasons:

1. Knowing of whom he had received it. He had learned his doctrine from men of God who knew the Lord Jesus Christ. Holy men of old penned the Holy Scriptures and holy men of God preached the Holy Scriptures!

2. Knowing how desperately he would need it. The inspired, preserved Word of God is the fundamental of the faith and the foundation upon which all faith and doctrine stand. The Word of God is an anchor in the shifting sands of human theology and is essential to the “throughly furnishing” of the man of God.

E. I want to preach for a few minutes this morning on the essentials of preaching God’s Word. In a day when God’s Word is attacked, minimized, slandered, rendered, slaughtered, denied, and privately interpreted—we need to make sure we hold the ropes for each other, our families, and the lost.

1. The Admonition Of God’s Word – 3:14-15

a. Stay With God’s Word! God only wrote one Bibles! There is only one faithful translation! We have the inerrant, infallible, verbal, plenary, preserved, inspired, perfect in every way Word of God! I make no apologies to either man or devil for this blessed Bible that I preach. If I am ignorant and unlearned, please leave me alone because I am saved beyond human help!!

b. Stay With God’s Men! I mean men of God who stay with this blessed old King James Bible and remain faithful to the doctrines of the faith. I am all for education but totally against intellectualism! So many today have been educated beyond their intelligence. Their faith has been affected by human reason. You cannot reason out either God or His Word as it is either faith of sight and only faith saves.

2. The Authority Of God’s Word – 3:16

a. It Is The Authority For Indoctrination - it is the straight and narrow way that leads to Heaven – salvation is God’s way or Hell is in man’s way.

b. It Is The Authority For Admonition – it admonishes and convicts the sinful.

c. It Is The Authority For Rectification - it restores the repentant.

d. It Is The Authority For Education - its precepts are right: historically, scientifically, morally, and prophetically.

3. The Application Of God’s Word – 3:17

a. The Word Of God Edifies The Believer - it brings to maturity and guides us.

b. The Word Of God Equips The Believer - it stands alone as to meeting our spiritual needs.

4. The Assignment Of God’s Word – 4:1-2

a. The Charge Of Its Preaching - pure before God and purposed before man.

b. The Purpose Of Its Preaching – it reproves, rebukes, and exhorts.

5. The Apostasy Of God's Word – 3-4

a. The Period Of The Apostasy – the time will come and now is.

b. The People Of The Apostasy – they will not endure sound doctrine and argue with God’s Word.

c. The Preachers Of The Apostasy – they are teachers, not preachers – they are teachers of fables – if you can’t follow the reading of their bible, do not follow the teaching of the preacher.

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