Sunday, November 22, 2020

Bless The Lord

Temple Baptist Church - 11-22-2020

Psalm 103




A.  I preached a couple of weeks on “The Blessed Blessing The Blesser.”  Verses 1-2.


B.  I have nothing new to report to you concerning blessings.  I love this Psalm because it says it all!  The blessings of God upon us has been consistent ones.  Year after year, He pours out his blessings and we NEVER want to take them for granted.


C.  This morning, I looked at our possible impending loss of the things that we hold so dear.  The things that make our lives so easy, comfortable, and free.


1.    We are so blessed to live in this great nation!  We can say in a good way, “I have need of nothing!” 


2.  As Bro. Jim Rutland often said, “All this and heaven too!”  God has been so good to America, but especially to those of us who are saved and have the privilege to live here.


D.  Is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord!  God has so blessed us, and it is a good thing to bless the Lord with our soul: the seat of our affections.  God has been so good to us in salvation, but His blessings go far beyond that.  It does us good to just “look around” occasionally and count our many blessings.


E.  This Psalm is a good reminder:


1.  The blessing of God’s Forgiveness – vs. 3, 12


2.  The blessing of good Health – vs. 3


3.  The blessing of Divine Protection – vs. 4


4.  The blessing of His loving Kindness – vs. 4


5.  The blessing of bountiful Provision – vs. 5


6.  The blessing of Divine Intervention – vs. 6-7


7.  The blessing of His Mercy – 8-9, 15-18


8.  The blessing of His Infinite Wisdom – 10-14


9.  The blessing of His Sovereignty – 19-22

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