Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Temple Baptist Church - 12-26-2018
John 3:16


A.  Christmas is a very special time of the year.  It follows my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I try to be thankful each day for the blessings that God has bestowed upon me but this time of the year makes thanksgiving special.

B.  I still remember the awe and wonder that I had as a little boy when the story of Jesus Christ was read.

C.  Christmas has been so commercialized that, to many, how they view it is so different from how it should be viewed.

1.  Christmas:  The Carnal View

a.  Christmas Is A Holiday – I have no problem with that.  I want people to have time off for Christmas.

b.  Christmas Is Family Time – I have no problem with that.  I want people to have time to spend with family.

c.  Christmas Is Tinsel And Glitter – I have no problem with that.  I love the way that our home looks for Christmas.

d.  Christmas Is Buying Gifts – I have no problem with that.  We live at 2311 Rabon Road if you are interested in sending or bringing us one.

e.  Christmas Is Eating – I have no problem with that.  I love the smell of baked cookies and candy along with a good Christmas meal.  You know that I love eating.

f.  Christmas Is Santa Claus And Magic – I don’t do Santa and am not a fan of magic as you well know.

g.  Christmas Is Letdown and Debt – Christmas to the world is all about things and things cannot satisfy for long.

h.  Christmas Is A Time Of High Suicide – People feel so much pressure around Christmas.

2.  Christmas:   The Religious Man’s View

a. A Quick Drop-in For A Special Service.

b. Poinsettias Instead Of Easter Lilies.

c.  A Soothed Conscience For Another Year or So.

3.  Christmas:  The Christians’ View

a.  Christmas Is About Remembering.

1)  Who Christ was.  Almighty Jehovah God in the flesh.

2)  Why Christ Came.  He came to die.

3)  How much Christ loves sinners.

4)  Without Bethlehem, there would have been no Calvary.

5)  Without Calvary, there would be no resurrection, and there would be no salvation.

b.  Christmas Is About Joy And Peace.

1)  The joy of knowing that we are saved and safe in Christ alone.

2)  The joy of knowing that Christ lives within us.  He abides with us and have given to us His Holy Spirit.

3)  The joy of knowing that heaven is our home and death holds no fear.

c.  Christmas Is About Love And Sharing.

1)  Spending time with our families.

2)  Spending time with our church family.

3)  Sharing Christ with a lost world.

d.  Christmas Is About Worship And Praise.

1)  What a beautiful thing to be in church during the Christmas Season.  The flowers and decorations are a thing of beauty.

2)  What a beautiful thing to hear the old Christmas Carols that we have loved so long.

3)  What a beautiful thing to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ together.

Conclusion:  Christmas is special to the child of God because it is all about Christ.

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