Sunday, June 18, 2017


Temple Baptist Church - 6-18-2017
Romans 1:1-16


A.  I started to preach on Paul’s Apostleship tonight but decided to take a Romans, chapter 1 look at what the Holy Spirit said about him.  As far as this preacher is concerned, Paul was the greatest Christian in the New Testament.  I could spend a lot take giving him the accolades that, in my mind, he deserves but God says it all in one short chapter.

B.  Let us take a Biblical look at this great man of God: a servant of Jesus Christ … an apostle … separated unto the gospel of God.

C.  Paul was:

1.  A Purchased Man.  Vs. 1.  “a servant”  Paul realized and never got over the price that the Lord Jesus Christ paid for his redemption.

2.  A Possessed Man.  Vs. 1.  “separated”  Paul not only possess salvation, his salvation possessed him.

3.  A Precious Man.  Vs. 7.  “beloved of God”  Paul used this term to describe the Roman believers because he realized just how precious that he was to God.

4.  A Priestly Man.  Vs. 9.  “without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers”  As a priest represented man to God, the apostle represented God to man.  Paul understood both aspects and, as a man given to prayer, made intercession for others.

5.  A Purposed Man.  Vs 11.  “I long to see you … if by any means”  Paul answered the call of God and was purposed to fulfill that call.

6.  A Paying Man.    Vs.  14.  “I am debtor”  Paul realized the responsibility of the gospel: freely received and freely give.  He owed a debt that he could not pay and owed a debt that he could pay.

7.  A Preaching Man.  Vs. 15.  “ready to preach”  Instant in season and out of season.  Always prepared and standing ready for the opportunity to arise.

8.  A Pleased Man.  Vs. 16.  “I am not ashamed”  Paul was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and never wanted Jesus Christ to be ashamed of him.

9.  A Powerful Man.  Vs. 16.  “the power of God unto salvation”  His preaching was the gospel; his preaching was with boldness; his preaching was affective.

10.  A Perceptive Man.  Vs. 17.  “for therein is the righteousness of God revealed”  It was not with words of man’s wisdom that the work would get done but with the gospel of God.

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