Wednesday, December 23, 2015

God Loves To Hear His People Sing

Temple Baptist Church - 12-23-2015
Psalm 100:2

A. The Bible sets forth in many verses the importance of Singing.  Even in heaven, we find the presence of singing along with musical instruments.  God loves to hear His people sing!  In this much quoted Psalm, the Lord commanded His people to sing.  He commands us to “come before His presence” with the songs of the saved. 
B.  Tonight, we will do a little extra singing as we desire the presence of our wonderful Lord.  He is welcome here at Temple Baptist Church!  We desire His presence and we desire His presence to be felt!
C.  Singing Is Vital To Worship!   Three different attitudes toward singing:
1.  Those who make too much of singing.  The singing crowd normally does not care too much about preaching!  I have seen them drive hundreds of miles to go to a singing, camp out and sleep on the ground, and stay for hours.  You let a revival be announced and they will not drive across town to attend and be a part of it!  Instead of preach, Preacher, preach—it is sing, Singer, sing!  Most of the singing groups are not faithful to their local churches and will sing in any and every denomination and situation because it is all about money.  You can say, “AMEN” right there if you will.
2.  Those who make too little of singing.  I look around occasionally and see people not singing in church.  We are commanded to sing unto the Lord and praise His wonderful name.  I know that I sing too loudly but I want the Lord to hear me over the rest of you!  J  I have been often told that I do not need a microphone as God gave me a great PA System when I was born.  We are to sing heartedly as unto the Lord.  It matters not if you can carry a tune in a bucket, you need to sing.
3.  Those who place the proper emphasis on singing.  Here is the deal, singing in church is a prelude to the preaching.  It prepares the hearts of the people to rejoice and receive the preached Word of God!  I do not go to singings without preaching.  I sing at home, on the road, in the shower, I sing at church, when I am not leading the singing I sing in the choir.  But singing and preaching go together in church.
D.  We desire to be the third in the list!
1.  We want our singing done by the right people.
2.  We want our singing to be Christ centered.
3.  We want our singing to be Christ honoring.
4.  We want our singing to be doctrinally correct.
5.  We want our singing to abstain from all appearance of worldliness.
6.  We want our singing to be vibrant.
7.  We want our singing to be a preparation for the peaching!
E.  There are:
1.  Songs of Deliverance
2.  Songs of Encouragement
3.  Songs of Praise
4.  Songs of Rejoicing
5.  Songs of Redemption
6.  Songs of Thanksgiving
7.  Songs of Faith
F.  I love:
1.  Individual singing.
2.  Choir singing.
3.  Quartet singing.
4.  Ensemble singing.
5.  Congregational singing.
5.  Loud, heart felt singing.
G.  We that are saved have much to sing about so, tonight, let us praise the Lord in song!

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