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Temple Baptist Church - 5-12-2013
Genesis 2:20-25
A. This has to be one of the most amazing, profound, and beautiful stories found in the bible!
1. The Book of Genesis thrills my soul, especially the first three chapters. I know that the entire bible is wonderful but this was such a special time in history as God created a perfect world and placed the man and woman in it.
2. A “Fairy Tale?” “Fiction?” Just a “Figment” of man’s imagination?
B. This is not a story, it is history!
1. It is true and it is right! To believe that this entire perfect universe is a random act or an accident takes so much more “faith” than to just know that God perfectly designed both man and nature.
2. To look at the conception, DNA, growth in the womb, birth, perfection of a fearfully and wonderfully made baby, should bring about faith—not “science falsely so called!”
C. Today is Mother’s Day and I want to praise all of you special ladies, both mothers, mothers to be, and special ladies who have no children. I want you to know today that you are so special to both God and this pastor.
D. Eve was the first “gift” that God gave to man. Adam had a special need and with that special need came a special fulfillment. His need was not food or shelter; his need was not entertainment; his need was not freedom or purpose; his need was companionship!
Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.
E. She was so much more than just a woman or a female in gender, she was especially purposed! I want to once again go back to the book of beginnings and take a look at another First Mention Principle. I am so glad that I took a course in Biblical Hermeneutics! No, you do not have to go to school to understand the bible and, no, you do not have to be able to spell hermeneutics to rightly divide the word of truth but that class has helped me more than any other class that I have taken either in Bible College or post graduate work.
F. Eve was Purposed. God made Eve special for a special purpose that only a special woman could accomplish. I fear that womanhood has lost its purpose! Today’s woman is not satisfied with being all that God wanted her to be and what God intended for women is all that will every fulfill or satisfy her longings. Her desire was to be to her husband!
G. Eve was Perfect. The first woman was everything that God intended for woman to be. She was the pinnacle; she was the zenith; she was the apex; she was the benchmark; she was to be the role model for all womanhood to follow; she was made by God and she was perfect!
H. Eve was Priority! She was what Adam needed first and foremost. It was not Adam that sought a helpmeet; it was God who gave her. I want to say again this morning, “Ladies, God made you special!” I want to give you a few simple things about Adam and Eve:
1. They were made to complete each other.
a. Men and woman are polar opposites! I have spent years trying to figure out how my very special wife thinks and, about the time I think I have her all figured out, she throws me a “curve ball” and I shake my head in amazement. I am not saying this in a negative light. I say this because woman is still a mystery to this husband and it is that mystery that keeps my interest!
b. The emotions of men and women are different; their logic is different; their reactions are different. I preached a message a few years ago on the difference between a man and a woman. I have had several pastors and evangelists preach that message. I do want to say, Vive la difference!”
2. They were made to complement each other.
a. My wife has specific needs and it is my joy to be able to meet those needs. She needs love; she needs security; she needs stability; she needs to be placed upon a pedestal; she needs a cell phone in Wal-Mart SO I CAN FIND HER!
b. On the other hand, I need love; I need her to fill my home; I need her heart to temper my male aggressiveness; I need her advice to soften my cold logic; I need her to “feel of my muscles” every now and then; I need her to be able to look up to me; I need her to be my opposite! Woman was made to complete, not compete!
3. They were made to comfort one each other.
a. At times, things do not go to suit me as problems seem to come in bunches. I am not complaining at all but it is good to come down Rabon Road and turn into the driveway. When I get into the house and see Barbara, things are just not quite as bad as they seemed.
b. There have been times of loss for both of us as parents have died or troubles have assailed. We have learned to lean upon each other over these years and, as long as we have each other, we can handle what comes. Men and women were made one in marriage and, if one hurts, both hurt. Someone once said, “A burden shared is half a burden.”
4. They were made to commune with each other.
a. One of the major causes of marriage breakup is when a man and his wife quit talking. I do not mean small talk, I mean talking about the things that matter; the things that affect our lives together. When I do marriage counseling, I make sure to emphasis the importance of sitting down together, laying the problems bare and working together to fix them.
b. Barbara and I are not only married to each other, we are best friends and spend the day talking to each other about the things that interest or concern us. We have a mutual love, respect, and sharing that makes our relationship so special to us.
5. They were made to be companions with each other.
a. A biblical marriage (Adam and Eve) is a joint venture. The man and his wife are heirs together of the grace of this life and were made to walk together. It is not my life and her life; my career and her career; my children and her children; my bank account and her bank account; my home and her home; they are ours! When counseling couples, I try to advise them to build their lives and interests together.
b. Too many couples raise their children and then split up because the children were all that they had in common. “One flesh” means so much more than consummation of a marriage, it means that two become one and life is a shared adventure. Someone said, “A sunset shared is twice the sunset!”
6. They were made to care for each other. Marriage vows are important and they are “vows!” The bible says it is better not to vow than to vow and break it.
To the man, will you have this woman to be your wedded wife; will you love her, honor and keep her in sickness as in health, in poverty as in wealth, and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her so long as you both shall live----DO YOU SO PROMISE? (I DO)
To the woman, will you have this man to be your wedded husband; will you love him, and honor and keep him in sickness as in health, in poverty as in wealth, and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him as long as you both shall live----DO YOU SO PROMISE? (I DO)
To the man, will you please look at Name of woman and repeat the following words to her?
I, Name of man, take thee, Name of woman, to be my wedded have and to hold...from this day forward...for better or for worse...for richer or for sickness as in love and to cherish...till death do us part.
To the woman, will you please look at Name of man and repeat the following words to him?
I, Name of woman, take thee, Name of man, to be my wedded have and to hold...from this day forward...for better or for worse...for richer or for sickness as in love, cherish, and obey...till death do us part.
There will come hard times in every marriage: they may be family problems, financial problems, health problems, etc. but they will come. I have seen husbands and wives put away in nursing homes with health problems or problems associated with the mind with no one to visit them. But, I have seen those whose mates have pushed their wheelchair down the halls even when their sick loved one did not even know their names.
a. What is a woman? Is today’s modern version what God intended for woman to be?
Why a woman? Is today’s self-sufficient, career orientated version what God intended?
I believe that our social perspective of woman has so changed over the past century that she is no longer biblically recognizable!
b. Eve was special! God created her perfectly for her earthly purpose. He created her purposefully. She was exactly what Adam both needed and wanted.
c. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! Just remember, God made you perfectly and purposefully!

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