Sunday, June 20, 2010

What A Wonderful Father

Temple Baptist Church - 6-20-2010

Job 1:1-5; 42:16-17


A. For Father’s Day 2010, I wanted to use an example of a man well known to us all for what is thought to be the oldest book in the Bible. The Book of Job was written before the giving of the Law and was probably dated during the Patriarchal Age.

B. The Book of Job is primarily noted for the patience of Job in suffering but I want to look at just a few verses that opened and closed this beautiful, poetical book. In our verses that we read this morning, we saw both Job’s beginning and Job’s end.

C. Our life, both physical and spiritual, has a beginning and an end with a certain amount of years in between. Though what is in the middle of our lives molds our character, it is of immense importance that we to both begin and end right!

D. Job ended right! Our circumstances may be harsh and out of our control at times but how we end up is left up to us. Job’s life was one of:

1. Life at its best! He had a good family; he had great riches; he was well respected by his peers; and was certainly blessed of Gld.

2. Life at its worst! Because of circumstances beyond his control, he lost almost all! He lost his family; he lost his riches; he lost the respect of others; and he lost his health. I said, “Almost all.” I thank God this morning that Job never lost his Lord!

E. In this book, we see Job:

1. In the hands of Satan – Tribulation (Satan did all in his power to hurt God’s man.)

2. In the hands of Men – Testing (Men indicted Job unjustly through misunderstanding.)

3. In the hands of God – Triumph (The Lord sustained and rewarded Job!)

F. Job’s life is a story of prosperity, piety, providence, patience, protection, provision, and promise.

G. We find, in the end of his life (he lived 140 years after his testing), a man surrounded by his children, grandchildren with a double blessing from God. This is not my message but I do want to tell my church and my family to “hang in there!” God is still God and God is still good!

H. What made Job a great Father and Grandfather? Let us look a few verses in the beginning of the book.

1. Job was a Man! Vs. 1 “Perfect” or mature - Job was a real man’s man. We live in a day of soft men and sissies. “God give us some men that act and rule like men!” Strength coupled with gentleness and compassion. “God give us some real men!”

2. Job was a good Man! Vs. 1 – “Upright…eschewed evil” (Upright literally means that he was “straight!” The word “eschewed” means to be against or to put away. ) He was a man of both conviction and integrity. He did right; he hated wrong; his life bore out his convictions; and his word was his bond! He could be followed and the follower be found safe in his steps. “God, give us some good men!”

3. Job was a saved Man! Vs. 1 – “Feared God” The Lord, in verse 8, said, “there is none like him in the earth!” He was saved and loved the Lord with all of his heart. “God, give us some saved men!”

4. Job was trusted Man! Vs. 3 – God could trust him with Prosperity. Vs. 21-22 – God could trust him with Poverty! Few men can be trusted with prosperity and even less with poverty. “God, give us some trusted men!”

5. Job was a family Man! Vs. 5 – His heart was not on his riches or renown. His heart was stayed upon his family. His family came second only to God in his life. His love and concern for his family was greater far than all of the riches and renown found in this world. “God, give us some family men!”

6. Job was a sacrificing Man! Vs. 5 – He offered and prayed for the “number of them all.” “Thus did Job continually.” He prayed for them when they were not praying for themselves. “God, give us some sacrificing Fathers!” “God, give us some praying Fathers!”

7. Job was a faithful Man! Vs. 21-22 - James 5:11 “Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.” “God, give us some faithful men!”

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